short film | 10 mins | 2016

In this quirky tale of romanceĀ and illusion, parkour and martial arts are tools of seduction. Girl meets boy, boy flies into girl’s heart. Is this love or is she imagining things?

password to view film: moon

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  1. Jordan Theodore
    November 27, 2016


    Caught your film, OVER THE MOON on ShortsHD The Short List on DirecTV.

    Kick ass!


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Over The Moon

  • Entertainment

Over The Moon has been selected to appear in Her Mind In Pieces (2019), a feature anthology of short films about women and mental health.

Distribution by Shorts TV

Public Screenings:
- Golden State Film Festival: as part of the feature anthology, Her Mind In Pieces
- Other Venice Film Festival
- El Cid Short Film Night